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Rick Flint

72, Rue du Rempart des Moines
Brussels. B-1000
+32 477 652 059

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14/03/2014 15:20
Download a copy of my updated CV in both Europass or EuropeAid formats

Project wins award

10/04/2012 15:06
The project I managed in Ukraine won a Safege-wide award in April 2012 as the most innovative of all projects run by the company worldwide. The award - an annual prize in which all Safege global offices are involved - recognised the novel approaches the project employed to reach its...
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Welcome to my website

16/06/2011 12:43
This is my personal web site. The idea is to provide a more lively and informative overview of my career to date. A CV can never capture the full range and depth of the huge number of different things I have tackled, and learnt, in my professional life and this site is an attempt to show case...
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