Communications and project management

Rick Flint

72, Rue du Rempart des Moines
Brussels. B-1000
+32 477 652 059

Project management

Communications project management is the key area of support that I can offer. From my own perspective this relies on the following core skills; 

Firstly, one needs in-depth and hands on experience of the full range of communications tools on offer - crucial if you are to successfully manage projects, specialist service providers and colleagues. Although I may not have the HTML programming skils to be able to programme a web site, I do know how it is done, the process, possibilities and limitations of the undertaking. Having worked on all aspects of communications, including advertising, publishing, public relations, on-line and social media, I understand the mechanics of communications and campaigning. All this is invaluable in making sure projects are successful, on time, of high quality, and to budget. 

Secondly, one requires an ability to build and manage teams whether they are in the main office or scattered across regions and other countries. Human resource skills, empathy, strong coaching abilities, dedication to common goals - these are just some of the elements needed to get the best from your team. Having worked in many countries, with countless nationalities, and with teams of numerous sizes (as small as five, to teams of several dozen both directly and indirectly), my team management skills are well developed and also highly sensitive to cross cultural issues.  

Finally, one must be able to assume a leadership role and motivate the team to complete its goals. This requires vision, the ability to take decisive action, rigorous planning and highly developed problem solving skills. As a quick and analytical thinker, not afraid to take responsibility, I bring always bring energy and drive to any assignment I undertake. 

Editing and copywriting

As a native speaker of English, with many years experience of copywriting, editing and proofreading, I have developed a keen eye (and ear) for good copy. Experience ranges from drafting and editing reports and tenders, through to writing articles, press releases and social media posts to appeal to a wide range of audience types and categories.

Strategic communications

As a communications professional, I am an 'all-rounder'. This means that I can work in any communications discipline: Media relations, publishing, market research, web projects and databases, design, event management among others.

But my strength lies in the birdseye view that I bring to a project or company. 

I can analyse and review current practices of an organisation or project and pull experience and research together to build more targeted and effective action plans and strategies. This includes defining goals and objectives; selecting the most appropriate tools and tactics; putting in place the suppliers and human resources; establishing and managing process, content and quality; monitoring; and managing budgets, reporting and timing. 

Business development

Whether the assignment is fully on communications, or one component of a more technical or specialist project, I can be brought in to help win a piece of business. This may involve meeting with the client to pitch a communications idea, or to write proposals and bids for project work - a skill I have honed over the years on a number of EU-funded projects


Communications training is an increasingly popular subject as companies begin to realise that communications is an integral part of their activities and not an afterthought. Here my focus is on training for communications strategy development, public relations, monitoring and evaluation, and communications processess.