ICF Mostra

From August 2014 to June 2017 I worked at ICF Mostra, a global provider of consulting and technology services in Brussels and a member of the global PROI network of communications agencies.
During that time, I managed a wide range of accounts, clients and projects, a smattering of which you can find below.
Event organisation and speaker management for the "Telling the Story" event in December 2013 
Provision of stands
Video production for EU LISA in Tallinn

Managing campaigns for EU OSHA, the EU agency for health and safety at work including the recently lauched campaign 'Healthy Workplaces for all Ages

A multi annual 'European Mobility Week' campaign for DG MOVE

The production of a recurtiment video for the company

A pan-European stakeholder communications campaign for DG NEAR

And to find out more about the PROI network watch this video: